Select a Competition

Please select a competition from the list below to start the registration process.  If you have previously registered this team via SportFix please ensure you log into yoru SportFix account, navigate to My Teams and click on the Re-Register option.

This initial process enables the team organiser to register the team into the competition.  As part of this process the team organsier will need to pay $100 as the team registration fee.  This fee will then be applied as the team organisers player registration fee once they have registsred as a player.  To ensure we can apply the $100 as your player registration please ensure that once you have registered the team that you register yourself as a player into the team, selecting the PAY LATER option when requested to pay.  If you are registering the team but not playing in the team, please contact us once you have completed the team registration and advise us which player to credit the $100 towards.

If you've previously registered a team, navigate to "My Teams" and click on "Re-Register".

Sport Competition Fee  
Thursday Men's Oztag Winter 2023 $100.00 Register
Wednesday Mixed Oztag Winter 2023 $100.00 Register
Tuesday Mixed Oztag Winter 2023 $100.00 Register